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Dr. Antonio Flores

Dr. Antonio Flores

Dr. Antonio Flores

DVM, President of Cornerstone Veterinary Services, INC.

Dr. Flores is the Owner and Senior Veterinarian at Bearss Animal Clinic, providing veterinary care to Tampa FL. He was born and raised in Puerto Rico. As a child and growing up, he bred various types of animals such as poultry, parakeets, parrots, horses, goats, rabbits and fish. Upon graduating from high school, he moved to Iowa where he pursued his degree in veterinary medicine from Iowa State University, ultimately graduating in the year 1990. After graduation, Dr. Flores began his veterinary career in Des Moines Iowa where he worked for two years. In 1992, he moved to the Tampa Bay area where he has been practicing ever since.

As mentioned previously, Dr. Flores has always owned and cared for animals, even as a small child. This intensified his interest in animal husbandry and animal welfare. His Dachshund, Wendy, died of parvo when he was eight years old. After suffering the loss of Wendy, he became determined to help sick and suffering animals.

Dr. Flores is currently a general medicine practitioner. He concentrates mainly on canine and feline medicine. At Bearss Animal clinic, Dr. Flores performs surgeries and concentrates on preventive and internal medicine. He also performs allergy testing and routine dental procedures. His main interest is in the use of the companion laser. This state of the art laser technology allows him to treat various medical conditions without the use of drugs. He is certified with the American Institute of Medical Laser Applications and he continues to learn of more ways to offer medical treatments without the use of drugs.

Dr. Flores is married and has two adult children. As a family they enjoy camping, traveling, cruising and taking care of the pets at home. The family has an 11yr old French Bulldog, Miss Chewie. When she was adopted her name was Chewie, they thought of changing the name but quickly learned why she had the name. They softened it a little by adding the Miss in front of it. Miss Chewie is a regular at the Hospital, she enjoys being there and greeting clients.

The family also has a Green Cheek Conure-her name is Lokey. Lokey is very social. She enjoys spending time with the family, watching TV and will join in for dinner as well. Last but not least is the ferret, her name is Bear also known as “Stink” and you can deduce why. Though they never thought of having a ferret, she found them and has been an excellent addition to the household. Bear is unique, she is a very sweet and petite ferret. It’s amazing how strong and smart she is, at a weight two pounds, she is able to drag a men’s sneaker up the stairs. For some reason she likes to steal shoes.

Dr. Flores has always enjoyed having birds. He particularly enjoys breeding American Canary singers. The family as a whole enjoys raising chickens, at the practice you may hear the sounds of birds singing or chickens clucking. You just might even hear a rooster singing!